Apr 14

Earndit gets a big brother…HIGI!

We are very excited to announce that Earndit has been acquired by higi (rhymes with jiggy).

Higi, like Earndit, helps people improve their health by taking small but meaningful steps that lead to positive and lasting habits.

Higi does this by making health tracking simple, fun and rewarding, allowing people to more easily keep tabs on their vitals — including blood pressure, pulse, weight and BMI (body mass index).  Higi health Stations offer these biometric screenings for free and are presently installed in approximately 2,000 locations across the U.S., including retail pharmacies, select Whole Foods stores and in corporate facilities. In the coming months, higi Stations will be installed at Rite Aid locations across the country, growing our network to more than 6,000 locations.  Find a higi Station near you here.

Get your health vitals where you shop and/or work for free, as often as you like — how cool is that?  And if you create a free higi account, you can receive emails with your results as well as securely access them anytime on higi’s website and mobile app, allowing you to easily share with your doctor, pharmacist or family members.

What this acquisition means to you:

  • Higi has invested immediate resources into Earndit; allowing us to serve you better with increased customer service, social media messaging and additional device integrations (Jawbone being the most recent).
  • Very soon, higi will be integrated into Earndit, allowing you to earn Earndit credits and rewards for tracking your vitals at any higi station.  In addition, once the higi integration is complete, we plan to start offering “check-in challenges” with real prizes from supporting brands — just like our Earndit brand-sponsored challenges — for those using the higi Stations on a regular basis.

What can you do now:

  • Create your free higi account now at higi.com
  • Visit a higi Station near you for a free self-screening of your vitals and let us know what you think.
  • Ask for higi where you work: If you work for a company that values corporate wellness programs for its employees, consider the impact of adding a higi Station. Email corpwellness@higi.com for more information.

Everyone at Earndit is thrilled to now be part of higi, as this union helps us make an even greater impact on your health and your life.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the Earndit experience so far and we look forward to delighting you even further as part of higi.

To your health,

Your Earndit Crew



Mar 14

The Earndit Family just got a little bigger

Please welcome our newest bundle of joy to the Earndit tracker family, Jawbone UP. We are excited to announce that Jawbone UP users can now sync their devices onto Earndit, work out and get fun rewards from their favorite brands. All Jawbone UP devices work with our platform and you can connect them by doing one of the following:


1)For new Earndit users, go to http://earndit.com/#join, and click on the Jawbone UP logo to get started

2) For current Earndit Users, go to http://earndit.com/settings and add it as an other device

Remember, you get one point for every 250 steps! So sign up, sync up and go, go, GO!


Jul 13

We got the Moves (app)

Moves-appThe Moves app launched several months ago to some pretty good press coverage.We’re always looking for new devices and apps to play with to see if they’re quality enough to integrate with Earndit. After just a couple days of using Moves, we knew this was an app that we needed to add to our family.

There are several aspects of Moves that makes the app so appealing:

1) Always on and always with you. You don’t need to actively remember to tell it to start recording because it’s always invisibly recording in the background. And since it’s an app on your iPhone, it’s always with you.

2) Automatic recognition of different activities. The app is unbelievably accurate at detecting whether you’re walking, running, cycling, in a car or on a train.

3) GPS + Pedometer. It uses both a pedometer functionality and GPS data to nail down its accuracy.

4) Storyline. Because the app tracks location, you get a daily storyline of where you’ve been and how you’ve moved around.

5) It’s free.

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now use the Moves app to earn points & credits on Earndit. You should get the app here. You’ll earn points in 3 different ways:

  • 1 point for every 250 steps walking
  • 1 point for every 0.1 mile running
  • 1 point for every 0.33 mile cycling
  • 0 points for transport — obviously! :)

Keep in mind that your data will only transfer to Earndit after the day is complete. So you won’t be able to see how many points you’ve earned in the middle of a day.


Your Earndit Crew

Jun 13

One Million Dollars Earned

Earndit Million Thanks

Ever since the early days of Earndit, we’ve kept a ticker in the top-right corner of our homepage that shows the total value of rewards earned by our members. We used to get excited every time it hit the next $10,000 level. Over the past couple years that number has grown at an increasing rate and we stopped celebrating the smaller milestones. Well… you guys have reached a huge milestone that we’d be crazy not to celebrate: $1,000,000

To pay homage to all the reward partners that have been acknowledging Earndit members for their physical activity, we’ve setup a page that makes it easy to tweet a “Thank You” to any brands who’s rewards you’ve enjoyed along the way. Please click here to see what we mean.

Congratulations on playing a part in reaching the $1,000,000 mark. Next stop: $2,000,000!


May 13

Rock/Creek earns the prestigious “STELLAService Elite” rating

Stella - RC

We’re so proud of our long-time reward partner Rock/Creek. They’ve just been awarded the highest possible rating for exceptional customer service — STELLAService Elite!! This ELITE certification denotes online retailers who provide the best possible customer experience. Only 4% of those companies assessed meet the required criteria for this seal.

STELLAService is an independent analytics company that rates the customer service performance of online businesses. Think of them as an independent ratings agency. The company has become the de-facto authority on exceptional customer service.

If you’d like to experience some of Rock/Creek’s top-notch customer service for yourself, you should take advantage of their $25 Reward for just 250 Credits.


May 13

Introducing Earndit Credits

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 11.29.31 AMThe term “points” has become a bit confusing. By one definition, points are a measure of how active you’ve been. By another definition, points are the currency you use to earn rewards. While this second version of points should be limited to 60 per day for a number of reasons, there’s no reason that the first definition of points should be limited to 60 if you happen to be active enough to surpass that threshold.

Introducing “Credits”. Credits will now be the term used to define the currency you use to earn rewards. There will still be a limit of 60 Credits you can earn in a day by being active. On the other hand, “Points” will continue to be a measure of your physical activity, with no daily limit on the number of Points you can earn. As an example, if you run 7 miles in a single day, you’ll earn 70 Points and 60 Credits. Your number of Points will never decrease, yet your number of Credits will decrease as you spend them.

You still have the same number of Points as you did prior to this change; your “spendable points” have simply been renamed as Credits. To reiterate, you haven’t lost any points or any currency for buying rewards.

For purposes of consistency and fairness, our weekly sponsored challenges will still have a daily cap of 60 points.

This improvement should make things clear for everyone, particularly those people who first join Earndit.


Apr 13

Earndit Privacy Controls


As an Earndit member, there’s not much information about you that gets displayed to others on Earndit, not even your followers. However, we are sensitive to the fact that some people are very private and don’t want to expose any info about themselves or their levels of physical activity. We’re happy to announce the launch of some privacy controls on Earndit.

You can now control two different aspects of Earndit from your Settings page:

  1. Control who follows you. People who follow you are able to see the trophies you earn, the rewards you earn and the challenges you enter. This is actually good for the community because your accomplishments serve as motivation to those who follow you.
  2. Control who can view your profile. Please keep in mind that if you join a challenge, your progress in the challenge will be visible to others even if you set privacy controls. That’s the only way to maintain a good user experience in challenges.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 4.09.31 PM

Feb 13

Change in how Fitbit points are earned

Since first integrating Fitbit into Earndit, we’ve awarded points based on the number of minutes users had in the “fairly active” and “very active” categories as determined by Fitbit’s algorithm. We liked this method of awarding points because it took advantage of a unique measurement captured by the device.

After many discussions internally and with Earndit members, we’ve decided to change the way we award Fitbit points to be based on the number of steps taken as measured by the device. There are three primary reasons why we feel this will be a better user experience for Earndit members who use Fitbit:

  1. It’s simple to understand. Nobody knows exactly what level of exertion is required in order to enter the “fairly active” and “very active” stratospheres. Those classifications are a big unknown to Fitbit users. Many have even griped that they get different activity minute outputs from Fitbit for the apparently same workout on different days. On the other hand, everybody knows what steps are and they’re a completely objective measurement.
  2. You can track progress on the device. By awarding points based on steps, it’s now possible to know how many Earndit points you’ve earned at any time in the day simply by looking at your device to see the number of recorded steps. In this way, if you see that you’re not tracking to the number of points that you’d like, you know that you need to increase your physical activity for the remainder of the day. With the prior method of awarding points, you were forced to upload your data to Fitbit and then come over to Earndit to see how many points you’ve earned.
  3. Working harder gets you more points. Previously, once you were in the “very active” zone, any incremental intensity you exerted wouldn’t be rewarded. You capped out at “very active”. On the other hand, now that points are earned via steps, increasing intensity earns you points that much more quickly. It’s more intuitive.

As with any change, we know that there will be positive and negative reactions to the new way we award points for Fitbit usage. Ultimately we believe it’ll show to be a net positive change for Fitbit users on Earndit.



Sep 12

The Grass is Always Greener

We accept data from many different types of tracking services. Some are devices worn all day (BodyMedia and Fitbit), others devices are worn for a specific workout (Garmin and Nike+ chip), others are apps used for specific workouts (RunKeeper, Nike+ app and Everytrail) and another is just used once to signal you’re about to workout (Foursquare). It’s important that we try to create an even playing field with all of these services so that someone who uses Fitbit could compare themselves to someone who uses RunKeeper, for example. We’re trying to draw apples-to-apples comparisons among apples, oranges and bananas. Not an easy task! Additionally, we like to celebrate each tracking service’s unique capabilities by leveraging the specific data it records.

With Fitbit, we look at how many minutes recorded by the device were in particular activity levels. We give you 0.10 point for each “fairly active” minute and 0.75 point for each “very active” minute. Keep in mind that these minute classifications are assigned by Fitbit using their own proprietary algorithms. We simply get a summary of how many minutes you had in each bucket.

If you were to go for a run with a Fitbit while also tracking the run using RunKeeper, you’d certainly get more points from the RunKeeper tracking than the Fitbit tracking for that one event. HOWEVER, because Fitbit is worn all day long, you’re also earning points for all your other activities throughout the day (e.g. walking around your home, doing the dishes, etc). As you can see, if we tried to make Fitbit points equal RunKeeper points on a specific workout (like that run we mentioned), then Fitbit users would get far more points throughout the day. This wouldn’t be “fair” to RunKeeper users.

So then some people ask, “Why can’t I get points for both Fitbit and RunKeeper in the same day?” There’s a good answer for that. Fitbit doesn’t provide us timestamped data of your activity — hence we don’t know what time of the day you do what, and thus we wouldn’t be able to know if you wore your Fitbit while on a run that you were also tracking with RunKeeper. This would allow for “double dipping”, which certainly wouldn’t be fair.

There are always users of any given tracking service that seem to think that they’re the ones who are being short-changed in terms of how points are awarded. They’ll think that we give disproportionately more points for another service other than theirs. The fact of the matter is that not everyone can be right about this. It’s impossible to please everyone. We’re happy that we’re pleasing the vast majority of you. For those that aren’t, we’re open to hearing your suggestions for improvement (so long as it’s constructive!).


Jun 12

The Talent Behind Our Trophy Designs

Earndit members seem to really enjoy the digital trophies they get for all their different exercise behaviors. These trophies are a great way of commemorating all the work you put in to leading an active lifestyle. To that end, we try to make sure that each trophy has a quirky title and a fun design.

Meet Jilly Bienkowski. She’s the mastermind behind the trophy designs you’ve been seeing lately on Earndit. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jilly considers herself a geek and a fan of cheese. Ha! She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) with a degree in Graphic Design, and previous work includes designs for greeting cards and for some local bands. As dogs are near and dear to our hearts, we were happy to learn that Jilly has a mix of a German Shepherd and Chihuahua (woah!) named Nala — yes, named after the lioness in The Lion King.

We hope you continue to enjoy Jilly’s creations!